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Sound Monitor,Voice Recorder Software

Spy Voice Recorder - sound monitor, voice recorder software

Spy Voice Recorder, computer monitoring software spying for voice chat messengers, an easy sound monitoring and voice recorder software with high quality on your computer. With this voice recorder, you can monitor and spy all sound of voice chat messengers(including Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, Hangouts, Viber, ICQ, KaKaoTalk, etc.), or chat rooms, streaming audio from Internet, voice conversation in game, the sound from microphone, earphone, line-in, etc; Instructions
Spy Voice Recorder is designated mainly to record and spy Voice Chat of instant messengers or chat room in real time, such as Skype Voice Chat, ICQ Voice Chat, MySpace Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, etc. Available with your sound card, this sound monitor records the chat voice—the input sound of microphone or the output sound of earphone. If your sound card support, both of them can be recorded clearly. Recorded chat voice with high quality will save automatically in wav-file format and can be replayed in Windows Media Player. This monitoring software also can record the sound from peripheral equipment, such as the sound from CD player, TV, radio, telephone, cell phone, etc.

Spy Voice Recorder

Key Features
Spy Voice Recorder aims to spy and monitor voice chat of instant messengers mainly. (ICQ Voice Chat, Skype Voice Chat, QQ Voice Chat, MySpace Voice Chat , Yahoo Voice Chat, GoogleTalk Voice Chat etc.) , both sides of voice chat can be recorded clearly.

Spy Voice Recorder record and replay a wider range of sound from microphone, line-in, line-out, streaming audio from Internet and music played from the computer, even the sound from peripheral equipment.
Spy Voice Recorder support auto recording task trigger options. You can select to auto record when any VoIP software is taking voice conversations.
Spy Voice Recorder can record the voice on the fly as long as you like without interruption. It can auto distinguish your computer sound card and then adjust the best possible performance.
Spy Voice Recorder support to set time length of recording file. Auto save new file when the recording time length exceeds to your setting.
Support recording and volume control. Spy Voice Recorder integrates complete set of record volume control for your convenience.
Spy mode for recording. Spy Voice Recorder is designed to background work, auto hide itself (system tray icon in taskbar, program window on desktop), auto startup, hotkey setup and access password protection, so it is very stealthy and invisible.

What can Spy Voice Recorder do for you?

With the help of invisible and smart spy, background work, auto hide itself, auto startup, hotkey setup and access password protection, Spy Voice Recorder is provided with super spy power of recording voice chat.
Monitor online voice chat of your child;
Voice chat lets the children and their partners talk directly to each other using a microphone or headset instead of short text messages back and forth. It is available to the strangers for talk on and on. Do you know whether your child is safe online? Are Internet stranger even predators talking with her or him? What they are talking? You should monitor and control all voice chat to keep your child away from internet danger.
Monitor online voice chat of cheating spouse;
Voice chat enjoys more popularity than other chat conversation due to its vivid and direct voice express, quickly real-time two-way voice conversation instead of tapping your way through short text messages. Cheating spouse prefers to chat about some personal affair stealthy with voice chat online without any text records on the computer. Do you wonder the truth? Spy Voice Recorder will record and monitor any privacy of voice chat.
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