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Recording Control of Spy Voice Recorder

Set Recording Control in Windows XP

Double Click on volume button in the right-bottom corner of your computer desktop. Click Option->Parameter menu and then select recording control. The system Recording Control panel will open as below. You can set every element and adjust suitable style to best possible recording effect which you need.

Check the box labeled “Select” under the device which you need.
If you didn’t find the devices which you need to set in the recording control panel, please select the Properties option from the Options menu. Then select the Recording option in the Adjust Volume for section. Check the device options which need to show from the Show the following volume controls box , such as Microphone, Stereo Mix, etc. Then click OK button. After this, these options will show in the Recording Control panel.

Two Main Devices:

Microphone: This is used to record the PC user’s sound. Selected it, you can record the one side voice of the PC user.

Stereo Mix: This is used to record what the PC user hear. If you want to record the other side voice of the PC user or both sides voice, you should select this device.
Note that some sound cards don’t support both sides sound recording.

You can drag the action bars of Recording Control panel or Volume Control panel to adjust the volume of device at random.

Set Recording Control in Windows Vista

Spy Voice Recorder can record one side voice of the user or the partner, or both of them according to the sound card type of PC and the recording device which you selected.
If the other side chat voice are not being heard, or the voice recorder doesn’t record any voice, or you don’t know how to set the recording control in Vista, you should read and follow Recording Control use guide carefully.

1. Click on Recording Control menu in the setting panel Option menu of Spy Voice Recorder.

2. The system sound panel will open. Then right click any item on this screen to show the menu popup as below.

Sometimes you may only find the Microphone and Line in options, and no CD Player, Stereo Mix/ Wave Out Mix and other device options because Vista always hides these device options.( Different status may occur due to different sound card types used.) Please check Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices options.

3. The default recording device of Spy Voice Recorder is Microphone which is used to record user’s voice. If you want to record the voice of other side or both sides of them, please select the Stereo Mix/ Ware Out Mix device option which is used to record what the user hear and then click on Set Default button or click the Properties to set it as default recording device. Click OK button.
Note: Some sound cards don’t support both sides recording, so you can only record the user’s voice or the partner’s voice.

4. Usually we only use the Microphone or Stereo Mix/ Ware Out Mix device options. If you want to use other device to recording something else, you can also set as above steps. And you can take further setting for better performance through other options from Properties button as below.

If you still don’t fix your recording device very well after reading above, please feel free to contact us: support@mysuperspy.com.

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