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How to Monitor Yahoo Messenger Chat

Yahoo Messenger is a cool chat software, almost all country has user use it to chat with there friends. Do you want to know the Yahoo Messenger history of your wife/husband? Did you think your wife or husband might be having a bit on the side and take a new lover? Please download and use Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger. It is the best solution to do the job of how to spy on other's yahoo messenger chat conversation. Using records of chat sessions, you are able to gather enough evidence to prove your guess, and then you can take some measures necessary to control what incident would occur next. AntiVirus SetUp

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How to Spy on Yahoo Messenger Chat Conversations

Many people is finding the software to do the job of how to monitor yahoo messenger chat conversation. Now let me introduce a best software - Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger. Because it can take screenshot at set interval. So even you set do not keep a history of your conversations in yahoo messenger, you can know all the chat history of someone else.

Depicted above, the software has set screenshot interval is 20 seconds. In this case the software will take a screen shot every 20 seconds and no matter whatever the computer did. If you only care the yahoo messenger conversation. You can check the option of "Active window process filtering" and input the process name of "YahooMessenger.exe". If so, the software will judge the computer if it is taking yahoo messenger chat now. If no, the software won't take screenshot. So the screenshot will taken up less space and all the pictures are your biggest concern. Off course, If you want to know more detail, You can change 20 seconds to be a smaller number. Notice: If your computer is vista or windows 7, it is best to close the UAC in your control panel, about how to close UAC you can find it in google. If you don't close UAC, You can find you can't new a txt file in drive C. UAC will forbid our software to new image and txt file in the installation path.


How to Monitor Yahoo Messenger Voice Chat

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger can monitor all the instant messages with text. But now many people use yahoo messenger to take voice call or call a phone number. Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger can do nothing with it. So we develop a yahoo messenger voice chat spy software - Spy Voice Recorder. It can monitor all voice chat content. It will auto start record when somebody else take a voice call or video call or call a phone number with yahoo messenger, and it will auto stop record when someone else stop voice chat.


People like chat with a stranger by type word. But we prefer voice chat with a Familiar because voice chat is easier and quicker. We can use yahoo messenger take video and audio online communications. A growing amount of research shows computer users will met one or more of his/her online friends face to face. If your child met the online friend maybe the consequences would be dreadful to contemplate. So now more and more father and mother want to monitor the chat content of there child in the internet.

How to Spy on Yahoo Messenger Voice Call Conversation

With the development of computer technology, more and more people wallow in internet. Did you have been much afflicted by don't know someone else voice chat content? Please download the Spy Voice Recorder software. It is the best solution for you to do it.

Spy Voice Recorder

After you install Spy Voice Recorder. You can see a tray icon in the right-bottom corner of the screen. You can click it or press hotkey Ctrl+Alt+R to unhide it. Generally, We need to check the option of "AutoStart" and "hide Tray Icon". After we checked "hide Tray Icon", then the software will be invisible and undetectable and nobody knows there is a software monitor the computer. When they take voice call with yahoo messenger, Spy Voice Recorder will auto record all the voice content in daemonic. Spy Voice Recorder is a shareware software. You can free try it before you purchased it. It is cheap but no discount. There is no virus in it. It is the best spy software for you to monitor yahoo messenger user when they take voice chat activity.


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