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Undetectable Keylogger Software Free Download

Keylogging is one of the main functions of Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger software, this software can not only record all key stroke activities include numbers and letters, but also capture screenshots regularly. What’s more, it supports to remote monitoring through logs report delivery via email without any physically need. You can use computer spy monitor keylogger to monitor exactly what others do on your personal computer when you are away, because it works so stealthily that other people would not detect it. It is a invisible, undetectable software.


Why we need Undetectable keyloggers

For many parents, it’s very urgent to know what contents your child chat with his/ her net friends. Whether they are talking something about violence or sex? Is his/ her net friend an adult stranger? As for managers, it’s important to find out what your employees actually did when they seemed work hard but there came little economic benefit. If they always have Windows Live Messenger / Skype / MSN Messenger / ICQ / AOL Messenger / AIM / Yahoo! Messenger's chat conversations during working hours? May they email your business secrets to competing companies? Are you being overly paranoid? Are you seeing signs of infidelity where none exists? While it should always be a last resort, it is possible to spy on your child with your computer and set your mind at ease. All these cases show us that we need keyloggers, and this excellent undetectable keylogger is a suitable tool for long-term child monitoring, employee monitoring.

The key features of this undetectable keylogger

First of all, this keylogger is undetectable, it is completely invisible to computer users - No trace in Add/Remove Programs, Start menu, Applications, and no icons, shortcuts or other items.
Second, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger logs all keystrokes. It records all username and passwords typed with program window caption. It monitors and records all latest version Windows Live Messenger / Skype / MSN Messenger / ICQ / AOL Messenger / AIM / QQ / Yahoo! Messenger's chat conversations. It also logs the username and password used to login in a messenger. You will know what was typed, where and when it was typed, and you will know who he /she is taking to.
Third, This undetectable Keylogger supports to logs delivery via email. It can automatically deliver the keystrokes typed via specified email at set interval. You can monitor the PC user remotely no need to be on machine physically.

The keylogger is a user-friendly graphical interface program for beginner. It has antivirus setup, no virus. Furthermore, it is free download. Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is your best choice.


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