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How to Track Computer Usage with Monitoring Software

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is an invisible computer usage tracking software. You can use it to track computer usage history with your child or wife and husband at home, also you can use it to monitor employees’ internet activities in company. With it, all things are under your control. It inosculate the functions of keylogger and screen recording perfectly. Almost all the keystroke and all the content which displayed in PC desktop will be recorded secretly.


It is necessary to track and monitor your child’s computer usage history. Everybody’s nature at birth is good. As they grew older, because different conditions and different upbringing, some people will to be pillars of the state, but some people will spend their life quite ordinary, and even walk up on the way to crime because their parents do not care sufficiently. Nowadays, Children can be exposed to many kinds of people in computer, it's not easy for your child to divide people into goodies and baddies. If they come face to face with some terrible men when they use computer, It maybe change your child’s life. As the saying goes, prevention is always preferable to a cure. So, tracking computer usage is a matter of great urgency. Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the best software to monitor computer usage.

How to Monitor Computer Usage at Home by Your Kids

1, Download and install the best computer usage monitoring software - Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger.
2, Do your own things as usual when you are not at home.
3, Enter your web-mail or turn on the computer which you are monitoring to see all the logs which is recorded with the computer usage tracking software.
4, Guide your kid move in the right direction according to the logs which is monitored with our software.
By the way, screen-shot is more straightforward relative to keylogger, but it will take up more disk space. We can adjust the screen-shot interval to solve the problem.

Computer Usage Monitoring Software to Track Employees’ Activity

In office, manager need to monitor all the computers because many different reasons. We can use the software mentioned above or use the software which is specially designed for company to track staff’s internet activities. The software name is LAN Employee Monitor and we can download it in our home page.

With this computer usage monitoring software, you can track all the keystroke, screen activities, website access, instant internet traffic usage,etc.




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