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Stealth and Secret Screen Capture Software

Stealth screen capture software – Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger, it is secret screen capture software that logs keystroke and take screenshot at scheduled interval. Nobody will know its existence because there are no any icons and other items which you can see in computer's desktop, no item is in the control panel of add or remove programs window. So No one will doubt that there is monitoring software in this PC. By viewing screenshots, you can know what others have done on your computer clearly. Integrate keystroke logs and screenshots; you can get more detailed information about computer logs.


Generally, we can capture screen to clipboard by pressing “print screen” key in keyboard. But if you want to record other people's computer usage logs stealthily, using secret screen capture software is the best solution. Monitor is display device of computer, by recording the image which is displayed in monitor, the process of computer usage will be reappearance in your eyes. Furthermore, keystroke capture is another useful function of it. By keystroke logs, the monitoring range will obtain replacements. Some passwords will be captured secretly. But please remember that you can't use it to do illegal things.

Who Need Stealth Screen Capture Software

1. Parents.
What have child done in computer is question of great concern to many parents. Whether they are safe in internet? Who they talked to in chatting software? Series of problem will be resolved with this secret screen capture software. Children need discipline, but they need guidance even more. When you find some bad symptom with this software, you can lead them in the correct dirction.

2. Employer

There's a limit to boss' ability, so some important job have to delegate to an assistant. But many employees don't concentrate on their work. In order to prevent they intrigue against you, install hidden screen capture software is necessary. After you install it, you should inform employees that you have installed this software in the computer which they are using. And then employees will work harder and you won't need to worry about the loyalty of employee.




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