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How to Monitor Skype Usage, How to Record Skype Conversations.

Skype is popular chat software over the world. More and more people use it to take text chat, voice chat, and video call. Not only you can use skype to chat with others who are in the internet, but also you can use it to take a call to others who are use phone. Because the budget price, more and more people use skype to take a call take the place of the telephone. And then how to monitor Skype usage and chat conversations is the subject of feverish speculation. The best choice is use “Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger” to monitor skype text chat conversations and use “Spy Voice Recorder” to spy on skype voice call. AntiVirus SetUp


Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is best invisible monitoring software to monitor skype chat conversations. About 3000000 people use it to monitor Skype, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, ICQ etc. You can use it to record the computer use procedure. Maybe they think their chat conversations is unseen, mysteriously, not knowing all their activity is under constant surveillance. As a matter of fact, all is in our hands, all the recent development is under our eyes.

With Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger, How to monitor and record skype usage and chat conversations is smoothly solved. No matter you are in abroad or in company. You can know all the activities which happen in your home computer instantly, you only need to enter your email account to receive the logs. Off course, you can view the logs when you can touch that computer which has installed our monitoring software. All the activities will replay and greeted us; nothing can escape our eyes and no need we ask. If he/she use skype take voice call or take phone, we can use Spy Voice Recorder to spy on skype voice call and record all the voice conversations. The following part we will give a detailed account of how to record skype voice call with spy voice recorder.


How to Spy on Skype Chat, How to Monitor Skype Voice Call.

We can use skype to take text chat. But the major attraction of skype is it can take video call and voice call. Spy Voice Recorder can auto record all the skype voice chat conversation. It can record both side voices. No matter they are talking about work, study or private matters, Spy Voice Recorder can record it exactly. It just likes a listening device which placed near the computer and nobody knows it is exist. It will auto start record when somebody start video call or voice call and auto stop record when somebody stop call.


Skype software can auto save the text chat history but it can’t save the voice chat history. Maybe you want to save the voice chat content you chat or you want to monitor the voice chat content your child or wife or husband chat. Spy Voice Recorder is the best choice for you to do it. It auto start in background when the windows startup and record the voice call or voice chat history as wav files. You can play it with any player.

Spy Voice Recorder

Maybe you have found many high technology products in movie like automatic communication monitor. As a matter of fact, you can touch it in your ordinary life. Spy Voice Recorder is invisible, undetectable, security, stealth tool to do it. There is no virus and you can free trial it before you buy it. With it, nothing escaped your ear. It is easy to use and eliminating any need to ask a favor of hacker. You can install and use it by yourself. If you need to change the parameter, you only need to press the hotkey you set (default hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+R). The default file save path is D:\Program Files\lycd\Data, You can open this path and double click the wav file to listen it. All the sound near the computer will reconstruct. I believe, after you use spy voice recorder, about how to record skype voice chat and how to monitor skype voice call will easy solved.


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