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Hidden Screen Capture Software

There are two screen capture software in our sites. You can download and install one of them to fit your own needs. One for picture file (.jpg) and one for video file (.avi or .wmv). The software which saved screen shots as picture files takes up less space of computer's memory and disk. The other which saved screen shots as video files will record more details. As far as I'm concerned, I like it saves to picture files more.


Invisible Screen Capture Software Which Saved Desktop as Picture Secretly

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the most popular software for hidden PC monitoring. It snaps computer screen clearly and then saves it to be compressed image files. Entire process is unknown to computer user. They can chat, visit websites, play games as usual and are in entire ignorance of the truth that they are monitored secretly. Generally, it will capture screen snapshot every fixed seconds. If you only want to know what are they doing when certain progress are running, you can check the box of “active window process filtering” to skip capturing when they are doing something which you don’t care.

Capture Screen to be Video Software

Undetectable Screen Capture Software Which Saved as Video Stealthily

Screen operation is dynamic process, if you feel the software above can only record the thing happened at a moment, Spy Monitor Screen Recorder is your best choice. It captures dynamic change of screen as video file so nothing can escape your eyes. There are two video format available for you - avi and wmv, wmv occupy less space but in some computer when you watch it you can’t drag the playing progress bar. Beyond this, little computer system don’t support wmv format because there lack encoder. In this case, you can change it to avi format.


More Details About Hidden Screen Capturing Software

In addition to capturing screen snapshot secretly, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger also record keyboard inputting, all the key pressing in keyboard will be captured without missing any characters. To realize the purpose of remote monitoring, it delivered all snapshots and keyloggers to your mail box automatically, you can trace their online communications details and other activities in a remote computer.

Picture is made up of many pixels, video is made up of many pictures. Spy Monitor Screen Recorder record streamed image to be a video file stealthily. You can know what have others done on your computer with watching video just like watch a movie. All computer usage progress will reappear before you. With hidden screen capture software, all things are possible to be realized.



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