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How to Remotely Control other Computers on the Same Network

LAN Employee Monitor is the best monitoring software to remotely control another computer on your network. It widely used for LAN computers management and home computer management. You can access any computer and control it with your own keyboard and mouse easily. After you download and install the agent software on the computer which you want to control, you will own the hundred-percent right to operate it without have to put anyone on notice or obtain anyone's permission. Just like a secret agent, agent software is prepared at all times to be at your service and wait for your further instructions.

Screen monitoring is the basic function of LAN Employee Monitor. As more and more customer send mail to us and tell us they need the function of remote control. With the several month long endeavors, our developers realize this function perfectly.

How can I control other computers on my network?
How to control another computer from my computer?

Undoubtedly, LAN Employee Monitor is the just software which you are looking for. Following is the steps to monitor and control another computer from your computer.

1. Download our software on our website. You can find the package including two parts: server software and agent software.
2. Install server software on your own computer.
3. Install agent software on the remote computer which you want to control. And then press shortcut key Alt+L to unhide the setting window and input IP address of server computer and port number. You can find the IP address of server computer on the title bar of server software after step 2. You can set any number within 1 to 65535 as port number. But you need to re-input the same port number at step 4.
4. Click "add user" menu to add user. Input the same port number which you have inputted on the agent computer. You should set the same port number on the both side, otherwise, you can’t remotely control that computer from your computer.


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