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teach you how to monitor network activity and how to monitor the employees' computer

LAN Employee Monitor
LAN Employee MonitorNetwork activity monitoring software and Employee monitoring software
This article will teach you how to monitor the network activities by LAN Employee Monitor. LAN Employee Monitor is a perfect solution for company to monitor all the employees’ computer. As professional monitor software, LAN Employee Monitor is designed to real-time screen monitoring, remote control and remote file management. This LAN monitoring software applied widely to employee monitoring of business or student monitoring at school. It is a user-friendly graphical interface program for every user including beginner. Follow below installation and using guide, you can run this monitor software easily.

With LAN Employee Monitor, you can:
1. Log keystrokes.
2. Remote monitor computer activity of employee in real time by capturing the screen of employee’s computer synchronously.
3. Remote control employee’s computer just like control your own computer.
4. Log website histories and website filter.
5. Log network transferring rate including download transferring speed and upload transferring speed.
6. Save the screen shot of employee's computer.
7. Remote File Management and Transfer.
8. Terminate the program which is running in the employee's computer.
9. Forbid using USB storage device.
10. Turn off or restart the employee's computer.
11. Send message to employee's computer.

LAN Employee Monitor Quick Start:

To start monitor network activity of the computers on your LAN, you should:

1,Install server(for Manager) on your computer and run it.

Please look at the red rectangle; you should remember this IP Address because you should type it on the employee's computer.

Now, you should click "File -> Add User" (or right-click the field of User List, and then click "Add User").

On this window,you only need to click "OK" button.

2,Install Agent(for Employee) on the remote computer(s) which you want to monitor.

After installation, a window will pop up.

You should type the IP Address of server PC in the left text box.

Then, please click "OK" button, the window will be hidden.

If you need to reset parameters, please press hotkey Alt+L.

Ok, this is all. Now, you can monitor this computer on your PC.

With this quick start guide. I thought you have know how to monitor network activity and how to monitor employees' computer which in LAN.

Notice:The trial version will Pops up a window which notice you to register it every 3 minutes. This version only help you understand the functions of the software.

Server for manager - How to use the menu of LAN Employee Monitor

Add Department

When you need to monitor network activity of employee’s computers, you usually need add some departments and then add some users who come from different departments in order to better manage. Of course, the user’s name will be showed on the relevant development list.

Click the Add Department button to display the window as below:

Type the Department name in the square, such as MD (Marketing Department), R&D (Research and development Department). Then click OK button.

Add User

Clicking “Add User? Option on the File menu or clicking Add User icon of the toolbar, a window pop up as following:

User Name:

Firstly, every user name will display on the top left corner of the monitoring screen. So you can see clearly who is doing what at any time.

Secondly, all records or histories of the program including screen shots, keystrokes, websites and network transfer rate will be saved and the folder will be named after the user name.


You need set a port value for the server and agent machine and they must be the same. Different agent (user) should specify a different port if there are multiple agents. You should remember the port of every agent because the discord of ports between the server machine and the agent machine will lead to failure of connection between them. 

Notice: You can add department and user by right clicking the user list region.

Click on Exit option of File menu to exit this program.



Click Option menu and select Set option, you can see a window as following:

Run on Windows Startup: Server portion (for employer) will auto run with windows startup;

Minimize start-up: Server portion of the program will automatically run to minimize each time;

History Storage Location: Set storage location for all recorded information, the keystrokes, screen shots, websites and so on are included.


Global Parameter

These parameters will be applied to all added user. Except for global parameter, you can set custom parameter for different user with the Set Parameter option under the relevant user.
Global Parameter Window is as below:

Refresh Rate: Monitoring screen’s refresh rate. Lower value means higher refresh rate. So a suitable value is very important and we recommend this value is equal or greater than 0.1

Screen Monitor: By default, this option is checked. If you don’t want to monitor the user’s computer screen, please don’t check it.

Forbid IE Download: Checked it, the user can not download anything with IE.

Forbid the following process: Checked this option and typed the relevant process name in the textbox under this option, some un-allowed computer activities of the user are forbidden. If more than one process name, please separate them by commas.

Record and save the network transferring rate when: Many person want to know how to monitor computer traffic activity. They want to log the record when the traffic exceed the specified value. When the download or upload speed exceed the specified value and this activity lasts longer time than the specified one, the transferring rate and the last time of this interval will be recorded in the Transfer Rate option.

Save screenshot to local disk: Check this option to save all screenshots to the local disk. The interval value can be set by yourself according to your need. For performance reason an interval of 30 seconds is recommended. Lower values will increase the number of screen snapshots taken. After this, the screenshot of user’s computer will be saved to local disk of server computer every 30 seconds. Of course, if the screen of user has not any change during this interval, the repeated screenshot will be not saved.

Save Keylogger to local disk: Check it to save all Keylogger of user to the local disk of the server computer.

Save web histories to local disk: Check it to save all browsed web histories of user to the local disk of the server computer.

Save transferring speed to local disk: Check it to save network flow histories of the user’s computer to the local disk of the server computer when they exceed the specified value.

URL Filter: Check this to filter some websites of user’s machine. You can select different option to block some un-allowed websites or only allow the users visit the specified websites.

View History:

Clicking View History menu, the history storage location will be opened where all histories are saved, such as Keylogger, screenshot, website and network flow history.

Full Screen

Click this menu, the program will work with full screen status. If you want to exit from full screen, please press ESC of the keyboard to exit.

Hide Toolbar

Click this to hide the toolbar of main window. Click it again to show it.

Hide Left Bar

Click this to hide the statistics information and User List in the left of main window. Click it again to show it.

Hide Tabs

Click this to hide tabs of main window.

Monitor one user/Monitor all users:

when you added many users, you can click these two menus to switch between Monitor one user and Monitor all users at random.

Notice: When you select to monitor one user only, the histories such as screenshots and keylogger of other users still be recorded and saved to the local disk of server computer if you check the relevant options.


Keylogger/Screen/Websites/Transfer Rate/Set Parameter/Remote Control

Select these menus to switch to relevant tab.

Notice: If you need to switch the tabs of one user when the Navigation Bar are hidden, you need to click in any control of this user to active it and then press Ctrl+Tab


User list is in the lower left region of main window. Right click in the user list region, and then right-click menu will pop up as below:

Add Department: Click this to add department

Add User: Click this to add user

Modify: Click this to modify the department or user name and port value.

Delete: Click it to delete the department or user. If the department is deleted, all users of this department are also deleted.

Monitor one user/Monitor all users: Select it to monitor one user or all users according to your need.

Many person not only want to know how to monitor network activity and how to monitor employees' computer, but also want to know how to remote control a computer which in LAN. LAN Employee Monitor supports remote control. With it, you can control employee’s computer remotely in LAN.
After the server portion and agent portion of the program are installed and connected correctly, you can see the program interface of server as below:

Click on the button "Remote Control" in the upper left corner of the monitoring screen, you can control the agent’s computer as easily as the control of own computer.

Prompt 1 . Because Remote Control button may cover some screen regions of user in final version, you must select "Show One User" menu. and then full screen it. Then you can remote control user’s computer.

Prompt 2 . When the function of remote control is active, the right-click menu in monitoring screen region is hidden temporarily. So you should stop controlling before you use this menu.

Remote file management is a solution to transfer the files in LAN. With it, you can manage and upload any file as far as you wish. It is available to transfer any file without anybody permission and no need to be at the target machine personally.

Right-click the agent screen in your monitoring screen, and then select the “Remote file management‿ you will see a pop-up window as following:

This window consists of two parts. The left part window shows all files of your computer, and the right one shows all files of the target computer. Right-click the left file to upload to right or the right file to left, or delete, rename the file at random. It is very easy to transfer or manage the file between your computer and remote computer in LAN.

Screen Monitoring
This function will let you exactly view network activity what all employees do on the computer in real time. All employee computer screens display on monitoring screen of the server machine with matrix distribution. Double click the target client screen to maximize it, which will make you monitor the target employee more clearly. You can hand over easily between multiple-screens monitoring for all and full-screen monitoring for one.
How to Uninstall this network activity monitoring software?

How to Uninstall LAN Employee Monitor for Server portion.
Before uninstalling, you should stop monitoring first that you can exit through “Exit” button of the monitoring screen’s menu, then delete the LAN Employee Monitor through the “Add / Remove Programs” of the control panel from the “Start” menu.

How to Uninstall LAN Employee Monitor for Agent portion.
Select “Uninstall” button to uninstall the program directly after pressing “Alt+L” and entering the password to active the client window.
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