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Facing to more and more monitoring program, our users always hesitate to choosing a suitable tool; and many of them may feel unsatisfied with the program’s practice function. Every monitoring program is different from others in practice usage even though they are monitoring. So distinguishing their features and difference is important for choosing an ideal and useful monitoring tool. Below we present our monitoring software from this device

Keystroke monitoring software, Surveillance Keylogger - Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

Keystroke monitoring software, Surveillance Keylogger

This surveillance Keylogger is a stealth family monitoring. As a Keylogger, it runs hidden in the background, records all keystroke secretly to monitor some computer activity which is unknown or private to others. Except for its Keylogger function, this Keystroke Recorder Software has another strong function- capture screens. The total computer screen, all active windows or specific windows, which of them can be captured by your configure. Its super stealth monitoring mode, such as: auto run on windows startup; hide the screenshot storage location; hide the keystroke storage location make it more invisible. Gathering these power functions, this program takes up its monitoring mission easily. The people’s activities which you wash to know will be present to you just like you are looking their shoulder.

Remote Computer Monitoring Software, Monitoring Employee Computer Activity-LAN Employee Monitor

Remote Computer Monitoring Software, Monitoring Employee Computer Activity

LAN Employee Monitor is in favor of design to an invisible employee monitoring in LAN just like its name. This employee monitor software captures clearly the screens of employee’s computer real time by matrix screen just like a surveillance camera. Also, the logs of the computer user are exposed in there screens. This function achieves to monitor up to one hundred computers in LAN at the same time. Compared with its monitor feature, its remote control and remote administration function highlight employee management feature to a great degree as a monitor tool. Such as remote file management and transfer, remote control program, remote access and terminate program, send message remotely, all of these make this program surpass some usual monitor software.

Differences between Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger and LAN Employee Monitor

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

LAN Employee Monitor

Record all keystrokes and save them with the notepad form;

View keystrokes and other information in the captured screen but not log them;

Capture total computer screen, all active windows screens;
Filter some unnecessary active windows screens;

Capture and view the computer screen by matrix screen in real time;

Monitor one computer which install and activate this program;

One computer as a monitoring station monitor and control multiple other computers at the same time;

Monitor in any internet circumstances or single machine series ;

Monitor only in LAN

Have no remote control and manage function

Remote control and remote administration function: remote file manage and transfer, remote access and terminate program, send messages etc.

Be fit to family or office spy software to monitor unattended children; It is the same to suit computer administrator;

Be more popular with the company employee monitoring and management. Suit to some business ownerships, computer administrator, or school computer room

As a matter of course, both two programs monitor covertly without any track as the surveillance tools. It monitor in the background, which means it doesn’t interfere or get in the way of anything you do on the computer. And easy to use interface of the programs make all users practice easily.

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger and LAN Employee Monitor, both of them are all members’ quintessence of persistent effort for Mysuperspy, Inc. Further perfection about these programs will be present to our website, look forward to your constant attention!

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