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Keystroke Logging Software

Many parents are looking for invisible keystroke logging software to monitor their child’s internet activities. No doubt, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the software which they need. After several years of development, successive improvements and modification led to this excellent product. Except for key logging, it also takes screenshot just like an invisible camera which focused on the computer screen. Every so often, it will capture a screenshot and then save to a jpg file which is named with the current time. And all these action is finished in stealth mode, no any voice, no any influence to computer’s responsiveness.


Keystroke logging software is popular among family users. Generally, it applied to personal computer monitoring. But a few individuals used our software to monitor employee’s computer. After installing this software on the target computer, every time the computer user presses a key on keyboard, our software will intercept this activity and then saves the keystroke input content to a txt file.

Some Question about Our Keystroke Logging Software

1. Why I find word “[BackSpace]” on log file? What is it?
When computer user type a wrong character, he will press Backspace key to delete it. The word “Backspace” which you find in log file indicates this activity.

2. Sometime, why the keystroke logging data is not coherent.
In most cases, it is very easy to produce a typing mistake. Because the keylogger software will record all keystroke which typed from keyboard no matter it is correct or error. Under these circumstances, you can integrate with screenshot to know exactly what others have done on computer.

3. Why I can’t find keystroke log file?
If your computer system is Windows 7, please close UAC in control panel. If the problem is always exist, please try to reinstall the software on another path. Before you install it, you should make sure you can new a txt file in the installation path. If you can’t see text document menu after you right click and then click “new” menu in this folder, please don’t install our software in it. You need to install it in another path.

Another import reason which leads to this problem is your antivirus software has killed some import files in our software. Now you should reinstall our software and add our software to exclusion items.


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