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Keyboard Tracker Software

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is hidden keyboard tracking software to log all keystrokes which is typed from your keyboard. Almost all the data-entry will be recorded in background secretly. Including chat activities in Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Messager and user account name and password in forums, email box or other login system. With it, you will know everything which you care. In addition, screen shots will be captured regularly every 20 seconds and you can change this interval as your willing.


Keyboard, mouse, microphone is three main input devices of computer. If we want to know what other people done on our computer, we only need to track the input contents from these three devices. Generally, tracking mouse moving and clicking is meaningless to us. But tracking keyboard typing is particularly important. A true computer guru can use the computer without mouse, but they will be helpless if there is no keyboard.

Keyboard Tracker Software Wildly Used For

1, Excellent parents tracks their child’s keyboard input at home.
The duty of parents is to look after their underage child. In everyday life parents should prevent their children were not hurt such as safeguard children against traffic accidents. By the same token, parents should protect their child’s internet safety when they access to the Internet from home. Keyboard tracker software is qualified tool to help parents to do it. Father and mother is kids’ most trusted people. But generally kids cheated their parents because they are playfulness. Don’t be cheated by superficies, maybe their honesty was all a facade. Puppy love is a serious problem in current society. Because they have scanty experience of life, even some girls fall in love with adult man. Parents can used the records of chat sessions which tracked by keystroke tracking software to gather enough evidence to convict their guess. Then they can try to channel them in a direction advantageous to study and channel their kids’ interest to other things. Don’t scolded, parents should take a soft line toward disobedience child.

2, Sagacious boss monitor his employees with keyboard tracker software.
Commercial world is like battlefield. Tight management will make a successful corporation. Many employees do their own private things during their tenure of office. When their abilities and preparatory work reach a significant extent, they will start their own business and it will create competition with their company where they worked. So it is necessary for boss to track all the computer usage procedures with keystroke tracking software. It is legal because boss has power to monitor the company’s property. You can use our software no any law risks.

Test results show that our invisible keyboard tracker software runs well in Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 system which including 32 bits and 64 bits, you can free trial and free download this program before you purchase it.



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