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Keyboard Spy Software for Windows to Spy My Keyboard Typing

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the best keyboard spy software to spy your keyboard inputting secretly. It not only monitors all keystroke, but also records screen shots in every predeterminate seconds. It is widely used for supervising your child’s computer activities. No matter you are in another house or you are not at home, all the things that happen in the computer will be captured invisibility.


Keyboard is a very important input hardware device of a computer. It is a main dialog device between computer and man. Generally, All the displayed characters and password are typed with keyboard. If we can know all the text which typed in keyboard, we almost can discover and reappear everything which occurred in your computer. Spy keyboard typing is the best solution to discover something with your child.

Advantages of Keyboard Spy Software than hardware

There are many USB keylogger hardwares. We can plug it in universal serial bus port, and the other side plug in your keyboard. Compared to keyboard spy software, it has the following shortcoming.
1, Other people who used the computer can discover keyboard spy hardware.
When you used the USB keylogger, others can find there is a hardware in the USB port. If the computer is laptop, others can discover it more easier. But with keyboard spy software, nobody will know its exist.
2, The recorded contents are disorganized compared to keyboard typing spy software
USB keylogger will record all the characters in consequence. There is no other detail about this typing. But with Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger, you can know the typing time and the application name where you input the words.
3, keyboard spy hardware can only record the letters, numbers and other non-visible control key. But non-english country need to input uni-code character which is made up of two bytes. Such as Chinese, Japanese. Keyboard spy software can capture the word which is showed in computer screen, it is not the letter which you typed.

How to Spy My Keyboard Typing with Keyboard Spy Software

it is sufficiently easy to use. and it is the best keyboard spy software for windows xp, vista, windows 7, etc. As long as you know english, you will know how to use it. When you install it, you only need to press “next”, “next” and “finish” button. All files will be installed to your hard disk. Of course, in order to preventing others discover it, you can change installation path to a more hider path. If you changed it, please remember it carefully, because you need access this folder to see all the logs. Screen shots and keyloggers are saved in the “data” folder of installation path.

To conclude, keyboard spy software for windows is better than other keylogger hardware. for the purpose of protect our own interest, It is necessary to spy my keyboard typing when others use our computer.



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