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Best Keyboard input & Keystrokes Capture Software

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the best screen and keyboard capture software. All key strokes including typing in chat window and password input box will be recorded with it secretly. When somebody input contents with keyboard, It will save or append it to a “.txt” file immediately. The “.txt” file will named with the current date, keystrokes which typed all day will saved in it without dropping a word. It is the best PC spy software for parents to monitor the internet activity of their children. Moreover, it will capture screen shots in your predefined interval, you can know all the things which happen in your computer more visually oriented.


Keyboard and mouse are two important input devices. We can talking with computer with these two devices. If the keyboard break, the computer will almost to be a useless wreck. We can type characters when we chat with our friends or send email to our colleague and relatives. If a software can capture keystroke, all activities will be recorded perfectly. Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is the best key capture software to do it.

Why We Need This Keystroke Capture Software to Capture Keyboard Input

1, Keyboard Capture Software For Parents
Many people felt their child is spend more time in internet. But under-age children don’t know how to fought down their mind of loved to play. Many father and mother worry about their kids to be in touch with potentially harmful material and follow bad examples in internet. But parents can’t beside them every hours. Just like a supervisory robot, this software will help the guardian of children to monitor everything input in keyboard invisibility.

3, Key Capture Software for Company
Manage a corporation is similar to manage a family. Many companies are in the same jumping off place, Some company can property management enterprise defeat the competitor during the keen competition, but some company are faced with liquidations and closedown. Strict management of personnel is cornerstone of enterprise succeeds. It is imperative to manage employees’ network behavior. In addition to using Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger to capture key strokes in keyboard, also we can use LAN Employee Monitor to be more overall to monitor and control the employees’ internet activities.


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