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Internet Usage Monitoring Software, Computer Activity Monitoring Software

Home Computer Monitoring and Internet Activity Monitoring

Keylogger Spy Monitor, Inc. is to provide some use-friendly home computer monitor and remote employee activity monitor in LAN aimed to control and prevent some inappropriate internet usage activity or other computer activity. It is a perfect solution to keep the family members, colleagues, or employees from internet danger and piddling the time away. AntiVirus SetUp


Home computer monitoring program help you know and control the family member’s all computer activities including internet activity. When your child access the inappropriate websites for the age, when your child chat with strangers online or when your child is fascinated by various internet trick, home computer monitoring program’s duty is just to keep your child from these illegal internet contents and online cheats. When your child expresses some abnormal behavior in speech, dress, interest, or when your child is nonchalance from you, internet activity monitoring can help you track and record his/her internet activity including the instant message conversation, visited website content which can expose absolutely his/her actual intentions.

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employee computer monitoring software
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Employee Internet Monitoring, Email Monitoring, Instant Message Monitoring

Employee internet activity monitoring and email monitoring is a guarantee to employee productivity and company information security. Now employees deal with their works depending on internet. Various instant message, email, and immense shared information offer a quick and convenient working flat roof. But whether the employees always profit the internet resource for their working only? The answer is negative. The surveys express that most of employee internet usages are unrelated to working. The surveys also say that most internet activity such as stock investment, application for job on the internet, shopping online occurs in the work hours.

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This is to say that many employees use the internet for their private needs in the working time. These internet activities affect badly employees’ productivity and company benefits. How to control the employee internet abuse? Internet usage monitoring for employee will meet these needs. Employee internet activity monitoring is design to a remote monitoring real time from one server machine. All keystrokes, all internet activity will emerge in the monitoring screen. You are not worried that your employees do anything against to the company or other meaningless things to cheat the working time. When the employee send or received an email, you can know the email topic, content, time, recipient, and sender. Any sensitive words or contents to company information are monitored. You can monitor employee internet access. It is a real employee management expert. Who is working and who piddle the time on the internet; the instant message is for business or for private; who are the trustworthy and responsible employees; what is the most interesting for employee; Taken for granted, employee internet usage monitoring gains effectual roles in control and manage employee activity.

monitor employee computer internet usage

Monitoring internet usage software offered by Keylogger Spy Monitoring, Inc. run stealthy, it’s a real invisible spy tool for family computer monitoring or business employee internet activity monitoring. Excellent performance of spy monitoring and use-to-easy configuration let your spy task more easy and effective than other tracking detective or investigate publicly and privately.

Would you like to monitor the internet activity of your family member, your office colleague, or your corporation employees? Are you looking for a solution for tracking their computer usage when you are absence? Keylogger Spy Monitor, Inc. offers you professional and used-friendly family and business computer monitoring software. These internet usage monitoring software support to record and monitor all users’ computer activities at any time and any place, including all keystrokes, username and passwords, email receiving and sending, MSN/Skype and other internet instant messages, visiting websites, and executing application or program, etc. They perform stealthy in the background to spy anomalous computer activity.

Internet Usage Monitoring, Internet Activity Control

The seduction of internet usage for the kids, teenagers, even adults brings great interest in educational and technical information, which is beneficial to their growth healthy, education, and working and social experience. Any good things always followed by some negative or deleterious aspects. Although it may broaden the horizon and open the mind, l internet usages expose them in danger or swindle; many people, especially the children, they are fascinated with some unprecedented and irritating or forbidden experience or activities, which come from the internet communication. So internet usage monitoring is a necessary and inevitable solution for user computer activity. We can offer you some power program from all- ranges monitoring including internet activity control, remote monitor and control email, application file and program, instant message conversation. Our internet usage monitoring programs let you know exactly what the users are doing on the computer. All internet activity, such as internet access, website visited, instant message chatting, email communication, keystrokes and other computer activity are tracked and captured.

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