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How to Install Keylogger

How to Install Keylogger - Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is a best undetectable keylogger program. It compatible with windows XP/Vista/7,etc. (including 32bit and 64 bit) It is a cheap keylogger program for the desktop and laptop, and you can try it before you decide to purchase it. By it, you can monitor your child, Employee, etc. It keylogger website and keylogger all chat program. There is a keylogger video for this program. So you can learn to use it quickly. AntiVirus SetUp

Download Best Keylogger for Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 

How to Install Keylogger Program

1, At first, You must download Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger by click above "Download" button.
2, Double click the installation package to start install.

3, Click "Next" button.

Step1 of Install Keylogger

4, Read the license agreement. If you accept it, please click "I accept the agreement" to continue install. If you don't accept the agreement. You will can't continue to install.

Step2 of Install Keylogger

5, Select where should Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger be Installed. If you would like to select a different folder, please click "Browse" button. If you would like to install it to the default path. You just need to click "Next" button directly.

Step3 of Install Keylogger

6, Setup will ready to begin installing Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger on your computer. You can click "Install" to continue with the installation or click "Back" if you want to review or change any setting.

Step4 of Install Keylogger

7, After you click "Install" button. The setup will setup all the files to your computer. Wait for some seconds. Setup will finished install it. Please make "Launch Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger" to be checked, If so, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger will launch immediately after you click "Finish" button.

Step5 of Install Keylogger

How to Install Keylogger Remotely

Because can't touch the computer which you want to monitor. So you maybe want to know how to remotely install a keylogger on someone's computer. If you want to install a software on someones computer, the installation package must be run on that computer. Want to run installation package, someone must to double click it. Because you can't touch the computer, so this work must to be done by the person who you want to monitor. The installation package can be package with image. Even if this image is opened by someone, the antivirus software will kill it immediately. So it is impossible to install keylogger remotely.
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