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How to watch and monitor other people's computer on my network(in LAN)

The popularization of computer network brings convenience to us, but also brings us security and management issues at the same time. In term of many managers or employers, they might face the same problem: employees use the Internet for nonwork activities during working hours. Thus it is necessary to monitor their employees’ computer use, push them to work harder. LAN Employee Monitor must be your first and best choice. It can not only monitor employees, improve their working productivity and prevent the secret business information from being revealed, but also reduce effectively resource waste of computer. What is more, it can remote control and administrate, makes it easy and convenient when you are out of your office.

How to monitor other people's computer in LAN

There are four key features of LAN Employee Monitor:
First, it captures the screen of employees’ computer timely, you can view quite a few employees’ computer screen at the same time.
Second, it logs all keystrokes and website visit, filters some website, it also records download and upload transferring speed.
Third, LAN Employee Monitor saves the keystrokes, screen shots, websites visit and transfer rate automatically.
Fourth, it can be remotely controlled and administrated that you do not need employee's permission. You can send message or command to employees’ computer remotely and forbid them to use USB storage device.

LAN Monitoring Software

The overall objective of network monitoring system is to prevent employees from revealing confidential and proprietary information through Internet in a variety of ways, to realize the unified management and effective monitoring of network computers and resources. LAN Employee Monitor can resolve the problem of how to monitor other people's computer in LAN. Employees shall not email to others without permission, they shall not use computers do nonwork activities during working time. LAN Employee monitor is able to record all the contents of the current network , implement total control for all the ports and equipment of computers, and take strict management for using computers, surfing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, chatting online, and playing computer games. The local area network monitoring software enhances the ability of companies to manage and control the Internet, so as to make companies access the Internet scientifically and efficiently, and it prevents employees visiting the high risk, illegal and unhealthy websites. Finally realizes companies’ network security.

How to watch other computers on my network? Many people asked on the Internet. Most of they asked for work demand. An Internet user complained online:“ There are eight computers in our company but only one LAN line. The network speed is extremely slow every day because some of my workmates do nothing but download music or watch movies on the Internet during working hours. This makes some computers even cannot log in MSN to chat with our customers. I am in charge of managing the internet, so it is always me that to be scold by my boss. I really need a LAN monitoring software that could monitor other computers on my network.” Then, I recommended him LAN Employee Monitor, after a week, he told me that LAN Employee Monitor worked very well and had obtained notable results. All the staff worked much harder then before, no one downloaded music, watched movies or anything aside from work, both working efficiency and economic efficiency had been improved much. He was praised by his boss and got a higher salary. This is a real case to prove the great use of LAN employee monitor.

Use LAN Employee Monitor to monitor and see employees’ computers can be working, but you should tell your staff before you install a monitoring software, otherwise monitoring other people’s computers will be a scandalous behavior.


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