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Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

How to Monitor Computer Activity with Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger

There are various sorts of reasons why you may wish to monitor activity on your computer. Maybe you want to know exactly what your children are doing online and what employees are utilizing the company network to do behind your back. As a supervisor in the school, you will be curious about what your students may probably do during their academic time. The monitor software will ensure you to view everything they do on the PC when you away. AntiVirus SetUp

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How to Monitor Computer Activity

In order to monitor activities on computer, users should firstly install a computer monitoring keylogger as a primary tool. Keyloggers can be installed through hardware or as a software program such as Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger. After the set up of monitor software on your PC or laptop, all the activities on this computer will under your monitor. Most of the spy monitor software features the function of records all the screenshots and keystrokes automatically. In this sense, all conversations happened in the chatting programs like QQ, MSN Messenger, SKYPE, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger will be recorded and the username and password used to log in will be also saved. Moreover, the program works just like a camera that are taking pictures towards the screen because it will take snapshots of whatever is on the computer screen at a given frequency which will be saved immediately. Also you can monitor website visit if you are unaware of the browsing habit of your family members or co-workers. For parents, this tool can monitor kids’ activities online to protect child from dangerous people and websites which are harmful to child’s mental and physical development. For employers, it helps to forbid the access to web pages with inappropriate content. Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows7 system; include 32 bit and 64 bit.

How to Monitor another Computer/My kids Computer

Software such as LAN Employee Monitor equipped with the advanced function of monitor another computer operates remotely, which works especially effectively in monitoring employees’ activities. You are able to monitor the screen of one employee or multiple employees at the same time. All the screenshots, keystrokes and browsing records will be saved in an invisible and stealth way. If you have any messages or orders, you could directly send them to your employees remotely and translate files through this system, which facilitate your work in your office and in the whole company. Most monitoring tools allow the computer administrator- in most cases employers, parents and internet bar managers- to block specific websites, filter out inappropriate content and control data traffic. Employers can not only monitor the activities of employees without physical movements but also control their computer remotely with the mouse and keyboard of their own. All these functions aim to avoid important confidential business information being given away and the abuse of internet and the productivity and efficiency will be improved as a result.
As to your personal computer, you are also able to know everything happened on the computer. If you are away from your kid, you are also able to monitor their computer in real time and even control the windows or program opened on their computer. All the logs including password typed, keystrokes typed, Email typed, desktop screenshots and websites visited recorded by monitoring program will be delivered to your email and you can check them without the limit of time and space.

There exists always controversy over whether computer monitoring is legal or not The truth is that there are many situation where computer monitoring is legal: parents can use these monitoring tools to create a green online environment for their children, companies may use monitor keylogger to prevent employees from misusing of corporate resources, morally family members are also able to use them to collect evidences about a child. Above all, we warn all the users of spy monitoring program of stealing passwords, bank code or business secrets illegally.


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