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Home Network Monitoring Software

LAN Employee Monitor is specialized software for monitoring local network. Include monitoring home network and office network. Local Area Network (LAN) is a relatively small area, Most LANs are confined to a family or a single building. Usually, all computers connect to a router to build a LAN. Now a family owns 2-3 computers is common practice all over the world no matter in developed countries or developing countries. Generally, Parents and children own private mobile and computer. Many parents are anxious about their children’s internet safety. With LAN Employee Monitor, Parents can monitor the computer screen of their child in realtime.


Home Computer Monitoring Software

LAN Employee Monitor Can monitor the desktop in realtime, but it need the parents’ computer is on. If both the father and mother are not at home, how to monitor home computer for parents? In this case, Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger comes in handy. It is best home spy software to know everything that happened in computer. You only need to install it in the home PC. Any other family members will be monitored when they use this computer access to the Internet. When you use this computer, you can open the logs save path to view all the screen shots and keyloggers.


Best Home Network Monitoring Software Features

1, Monitor the Child's Computer Screen Realtime
No matter your child’s computer is in the same room or in the different room with your computer, you can see their computer desktop almost without any delay. The moving pictures are high-quality with true color. Furthermore, you can monitor multiple computers simultaneously.

Home Network Monitoring Software

2, Remote Control
You can control that computer remotely with your own mouse and keyboard just like you are using your own computer.

3, Text Input Monitoring
When your kid input a character in his computer, the character will show in server software instantly. Even the password will be recorded and show in the server software. If you don’t need the function of text input monitoring, when you install the agent software, please don’t select “Keylogger Available” option.

4, Website Visit Monitoring and Filtering
Child is very curious in internet. They maybe browse some website which is not good for children. With this home network monitoring software, it will record all the URL which have been visited. Also you can disable them to visit predefined website.

5, Real-time Net Flow Monitoring
If you feel you have lower speed of access to the network. You can use this function to know if that computer occupy too many network bandwidth.

6, Remote file management
You can get all the files in your child’s computer, like some pictures or videos. You can remote manage all the files in hard disk, compact disc and flash disk without their knowledge.

Given all that, If your family have more than one computer and parents and children use the computer at the same time, You can use the home network monitoring software of LAN Employee Monitor. Otherwise, you can use Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger.



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