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Hidden Keylogger

Computer Spy Monitor Keylogger is hidden keylogger software which you can use it to monitor the internet activities of stubborn children or other family members. You can download it and free try it no time limit. The perfect function of hiding makes it is scarcely possible to be found with computer user. Almost all countries have universalized computers and internet except for very few poor countries. After you install it, it will be ran and hidden automatically when windows startup. All conversation which chatted in Skype, Yahoo messenger and all other similar software will be recorded completely.


There are two main executable files in installation path of this hidden keylogger software: Myss.exe and nvsvc16.exe. Maybe you can only see Myss and nvsvc16 because your computer has set hide extensions for known file types in folder options. Myss.exe is a program which you can use it to set some parameters; nvsvc16.exe is a program which is surveillance background program. In addition, myhook.dll is dynamic link library file which record all keystroke. This file relies on nvsvc16.exe. These three files are indispensable if you want to monitor computer with our hidden keylogger.

Hidden Keylogger Software FAQ

1. Why it didn’t log keystroke?
A: If your computer system is windows 7, 8 or vista, please try to close UAC in control panel. Generally, you can right click blank area to new a txt file manually. But if you can’t new txt file with this approach, our software also can’t do it. So you should close UAC in control panel. Another reason is because myhook.dll file has been deleted with antivirus software. Now you should download and reinstall this hidden keylogger software. During installation process, if a error window pops up, you only need to click ignore button.

2. Why the logs format of screenshots is “.bmp” not “.jpg”?
A: bmp is uncompressed format. It need more disk space to save it. Jpg is compressed format which only need about thirtieth of space but it is very clear which human can’t identify different with bmp file. In normal circumstances, our hidden keylogger utility saved pictures as jpg file. If it saved screenshots as bmp file, the reason is a file which is named “jpgDll.dll” has been losed (maybe it has been killed with your anti-virus software), just need reinstall it to solve the problem.   



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