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Employee Computer Monitoring SoftwareToday more and more company begin to Electronic Commerce in internet, including Procurement and Supply, Sales Order, Warehousing and Storage, Distribution Logistics and HR Management, etc. You hardly find a company which has no access to internet. So almost employees of company work in the internet, somebody even make contact with internet during the whole day. The temptation of Internet for personal needs is rather high and this directly affects employees’ productivity. And the convenient communication in internet indirectly leads increasing commercial crime rate too. This is why more and more companies practice employee computer monitoring. Exceed to 60% of U.S. companies now monitoring their employees’ computer use and the number is expected to rise substantially in coming further. If you have faced these problem or you want to preclude problem befallen, it's time to take action to employee computer monitoring.

Employee Computer Monitoring Software,Employee Surveillance Tool - LAN Employee Monitor

Real Time Multiple Screens Monitoring Remotely

Screen Monitoring Real Time, Remote Employee Management

LAN Employee Monitor is just made to measure to employee computer screen monitoring real time. It is a powerful employee surveillance tool that lets you view clearly all of your employees’ computer activity what they do by matrix screen in real time in your desktop just like a surveillance camera. Remote file management and transfer like upload, download, rename, delete; remote control and access program, remote administration like terminate the program which is running on the employee's computer and send message employee's computer remotely; Forbid using USB storage device; all of these help you control and manage remotely your employee computer.

Remote Monitoring Employee Activity, Employee Management

Maybe your employees often play games, chat with MSN/Skype, view or download films online, invest in Stocks and more. When you view these scenes in your computer screen, what is your direct thought? There actions waster invaluable work hours, take up plenty of computer internet resource, affect employees’ working status and reduce their work efficiency. At this time, sending some warning or reminder messages and remotely control or management with LAN Employee Monitor can give the employees some discipline or improve these circumstances.
Maybe you have some surprised discovery under this covert monitoring. Some employees working in market sales department seek business orders thought the corporation information and property for themselves. This is why many purchase orders which would sign up to your company to a great degree but run away at last. In some special department, the employees even steal or leak corporation information referring to customer information, purchase order, financial reporting and taxation, technical data through MSN/SKYPE conversation, email attached, or USB storage device. Control and terminate these actions with the program in due course is the first step. Then these employees should be punished according to their deserts, and the monitoring and saved pictures are the best evidence.

With LAN Employee Monitor software, you will be able to remote monitor and control all employee activities of the whole local area network from one PC in real time. It is a perfect solution to keep your employees from being idle. With LAN Employee Monitor, your employees will not continue their endless chats, playing games or surfing the web at their work time. It is also a guarantee to your company internet security and information security.

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