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employee computer monitoring software
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Best employee computer monitoring software - LAN Employee Monitor

LAN Employee Monitor is known for its powerful function. This employee computer monitoring software can manage the total network by centralized software function. It monitor all the employees' screen in real time and remotely control the computer and has access to monitor users’ record, deploy administration tasks, keep record about users’ activity and generate visible network report so we can see what has been done.

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Have you ever dreamt of a software tool to keep record about what employees have done in working time?
Have you ever dreamt of monitoring software which can track others’ network activity? For example, what your employees are doing in working time or what your students are doing when they are supposed to study?
Have you ever dreamt of a software when you lose your confidential information unexpectedly, you can get them back easily?
LAN Employee Monitor is absolutely what you needed!

what can Employee Computer Monitoring Software do for you

Employee computer monitoring software can find quickly what your employees are doing in working time. At the same time, it will give you evidence such as screenshot, browsing history, chatting information and so on. It works stealthily. That is to say, you do not need to worry that employees will know you are monitoring.
It keep details about what your employees have done in network. For example, you can get details through it, their chatting conversation, what document they open and print, the website they browse, the emails they send and received. It builds content filter tool to set rules about what employees can not do. It restricts their activities undetectably. When they visit improper website, run unallowed software or chat online with others, employee computer monitoring software will show its function. Not only monitor employees, but also it is a useful tool to watch out whoever you want. It can be used to monitor students to see if they study hard.
Voice from managers:
Although every manager is longing for perfect employees, it is impossible. Because no perfect person at all. That is the reason why manager exist and define what manager does. Managers think about how to monitor employees to improve working efficiency and bring the maximum profit margin. The fact is that employees are not doing business work all the time. Sometimes they are doing other things.
It is manager’s responsibility to assign task to productive activities. So how to avoid idle action and spy their performance undetectably is the question. When manager is not at their side, they may view website, generate incorrect program, lock off security program, use skype, yahoo messenger or other communication tools for chatting. But it is impossible that manager stand by their sides all the time. Now mangers would never worry about it again because it can do a big favor.   
LAN Employee Monitor is an invisible program that can spy activities. So now it is more easier to analyze employees’ performance. With LAN Employee Monitor, it is easy to see who works very hard and deserve a promotion, and on the contrary whose performance is not so good. Employee computer monitoring software concentrates on improving efficiency of employees. At the same time, LAN Employee Monitor protects laptop and desktop security. It is the best software to monitor employees.

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